New Competition

To All NRRPA members.

RE:  NRRPA Old Bird and Young Bird 2021 Knock Out Series – Free to All NRRPA members!!!

For many years I have heard arguments about shipping limits vs open shipping in clubs and combines.  The main argument is that small team flyers rarely have a chance to compete for champion loft points against lofts that fly the limit each week and clock well. 

We have a 30 bird shipping limit in the main races in both old and young birds. 

I would like to start a knock out series in both old and young and only in the main races being A in old and C in young. 

Here is how it works:

At the beginning of the season, the night of the first shipping, each member will designate 5 birds to be part of their Knock out team.  These should be the first 5 birds scanned on the first shipping night.  The first week only, print out one extra copy of all members’ Unikon “Entry” sheet and give them to the driver marked to the attention of Mike, Niagara Club.

Those 5 birds must be shipped every week of the season. Any bird that misses shipping will be “Knocked out” of the competition.

Each week the NRRPA results will be scanned and a list of all birds still in competition will be posted.  The list should whittle down slowly from week to week.

At the end of the season, those birds that clocked in every A or C series race will get an average speed calculation based on total distance divided by total time and listed from 1st the last.  Prizes will be awarded to the gold, silver, and bronze metal winner.

There is no cost to to enter this. I want every member to participate and have fun. 

Bill Weima