YB Championships 2016

NRRPA Champion Young Bird 2016

CU16-217 flown by Rodney Morris of the Hamilton Central club. “217” scored points in 5 of the six North Road races.  “217” earned these points flying against an average of 1,142 birds  and won the following North Road positions;

  • 6th Gravenhurst against 1,106 pigeons
  • 6th Latchford against 1,071 pigeons
  • 33rd North Bay against 997 pigeons
  • 36th Burks Falls against 1,282 pigeons
  • 49th North Bay against 1,258 pigeons

Congratulations Rodney on “217” Championship performances!

NRRPA Champion Young Bird Loft 2016

Congratulations to N&E Oud on winning the Champion Young Bird Loft 2016 with a total of 9,441 points. This loft scored loft point in all 6 NRRPA races.

NRRPA Young Bird Average Speed Winner 2016

Congratulations to Joe & Trevor Smolenaars for winning the young bird average speed 2016. The average speed flown by this loft was 1,251.453 MPM which is a margin of 11 MPM over the next fastest loft.