Welcome to North Road Racing Pigeon Association

As most know, Nick Oud is no longer the NRRPA webmaster.  Maintaining the website has been contracted out to the private company called First Wave.  As a result, effective immediately, it would be expensive and near impossible to get real time updates posted on the website.  Consequently, release times and shipping delays and other time sensitive announcements will be posted only on Face Book on the Racing Pigeons In Ontario Face Book page (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1214221008591000).  Any members not on Face Book, or any NRRPA members that do not belong to the Racing Pigeons In Ontario Face Book page, will need to call someone that can access the page to be kept current on these decisions.

young bird cStation
sept 20, Tuesday c08 Matheson
Released Time: 10:15 am
Weather Temp: C
Wind: km/hr
Ceiling: unlimited
Visibility: km
Young bird dStation
sept 20, TuesdayD08 North Bay
Released Time: 14:15 am
amWeather Temp: C
Wind: km
Ceiling: unlimited
Visibility: km