The Hamilton Fed and NRRPA week 6 race results and reports are posted.

Congratulations to Rick Fyfe for winning the first two positions from North Bay🙌🙌
Congratulations to B. Hammer for his win from Burks Falls. 👌

This coming weekend we fly from Latchford, there is no short race.
The shipping limit for Latchford and Englehart is 35.

Our driver is retiring once the 2019 season is over. We will need a new transporter for next season. If anyone knows of someone interested, have them apply in writing to Cor Ubbels.

Long   North Bay  Sun. Sept 15
Time Released  11:12 am
Weather Temp: 10 °C
Wind: NW 9km/hr.
Visibility:  20km
Ceiling: 4,000ft.


Short   Burks falls   Sun. Sept 15
Time Released 12:25pm
Weather Temp: °C
Wind: km/hr
Visibility: km
Ceiling: ft