2019 Official race schedule click here

Please the link below to download a copy of the band proposal brought up last Sundays AGM.
Need an answer from the clubs before March 1/19 in order to order the bands for 2020.

NRRPA Band sale proposal


Links to the Englehart YB Classic 2018:
Updated two files, made a boo boo, typo.
Englehart YB Classic Overall Update
Englehart YB Classic West
Englehart YB Classic East Update

The 2018 YB Award winners are:
Champion YB Loft 2018:
Silvercreek Lofts with 10,985 points. Way to go Bill and Dan.

Champion YB 2018:
CU 18  FLAM 411 with 1,21.2 points, flown by Cor Ubbels.

Young Bird Av Speed 2018:
Norm Armstrong with an av speed of 1,227 m/m over 9 races.

Congratulations to all the 2018 winners, from the NRRPA executive and members. 🙌🙌🙌

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